7 Commandoz

The 7 Commandoz was first a concept in the early summer of 2009 by international bboy superstars Hong 10 (Drifterz) and Differ (TIP) who were long time friends since elementry school, and began breakin together in 1998. Going to different highschools lead them into different paths, eventually joining different crews.With the rise and decline of the Bboy craze in Korea, some crews began to focus less on competitive battling. Hong 10 began entering competitions with an upcoming crew, Jinjo, who became good friends.

As the Foundation movement began to spread and dominate all across the world, emerged multiple worldwide crews, groups and movements to unite and represent the Foundation mentality. Differ and Hong 10 who just recently reunited as old time friends, decided to put together an elite group of B-boys to represent the Originality, Style, Character and Individuality mentality of bboying. They were the first and second Commandoz.

The third and fourth Commandoz put down was Jinjo brothers Skim and Wing, who were already good friends with Hong 10 and shared the same philosophies of the movement.

The fifth Commando brought into the group, was 2007 Red Bull BC-One winner Bboy Ronnie of Fullforce/Supercr3w, who was already a good friend of Hong-10 through countless travels together with Red Bull.

The original 5 Commandoz then released a 7 Commandoz trailer to the world wide bboy community, announcing the formation of the crew.

Later on The sixth Commando, was bboy Menno of the Hustlekidz from Holland Europe. He was brought into the group by Wing and Skim, who became close friends while during a past month long tour together in South America.

In 2010, the final seventh commando who was asked to join was 90’s veteran Dyzee of the Supernaturalz crew, a close friend of Differ, as well as a close friend to Ronnie since 2001. When first asked to join, Dyzee refused, saying, “You should get someone more younger than me for this type of group”. When explained the purpose of the group, to represent character, and originality to fight against the mentality of “Foundation is the most important”, Dyzee agreed to join, becoming the 7th Commando.

Since then, 7 Commandoz has appeared and won at some many events worldwide such as France, Holland and Japan. Each member focuses on their loyalty to their original crews first, but come together when the 7 Commandoz is called.

The 7 Commandoz, who have all grown to become good friends, have many plans for the future of the crew and will continue to represent the mentalities of originality, individualism, style and character.