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Frank “B-boy Frankie” Perez is an inimitable soul brought up in what is known to many as the Mecca of Hip-Hop, New York City. Growing up in the borough of Queens he was introduced to b-boying at age 13 and it was not until a couple of years of simply dabbling in the art form later that he took his dance as a craft to be mastered. It was that decision which marked the beginning of a journey that would spark a change in his life. It started with the meeting of Rocism, B-Ready, and Jiggz of the Supreme Beings crew, as well as K-won of Swift Kids that contributed to his learning of foundation. Shortly after the potential emanating from him lead him to be recruited by the Supreme Beings, one of the top New York City crews.

At this stage he combined the foundation he learned with one of the hallmarks of his personality, his individualism and open-mindedness towards what it means to be a human being; constantly elevating in this realm of life to create the way he approaches the dance today. His unique style can be described as all-around full of “controlled” energy that incorporates style, power moves, freezes, and foot work, not neglecting any one part of the dance for the other.

The relentless perseverance and skills he’s gained thus far has lead Bboy Frankie to winning 1st place and judging competitions on a national and international scale. Some of the countries where Frankie has showcased his talent include the Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, England, Wales, and France. A couple of the major highlights in Frankie’s career include winning the Mighty 4, Rock Steady Crew Anniversary, and B-boy Massacre, all of which are internationally acclaimed competitions, as well as representing the United States in 2010’s UK Bboy championships.
Frankie is presently working on mastering his b-boying all the while preparing for graduate school after finishing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Part of the legacy that he would like to leave behind to other dancers around the world is that it is possible to maintain a world-class skill level and also be a professional. He realizes that with passion, dedication and balance, possibilities are infinite and he strives to continue to explore them with the intention of proving that it’s possible to reach one’s full potential.

UK Bboy Championships Freeze Tutorial Instructor Andy Cullen

Break Junkies Guest Competitor Eindhoven, Netherlands
Cultural Arts Envoy Program Lead Dancer/ Instructor Bahrain
HipOpsession Guest Competitor Nantes, France
Battle Corbeil Guest Competitor Corbeil, France
Under 7 Show Guest Competitor Sete, France
Temple O’Style Guest Competitor Savigny, France
Breathtaking Ukraine Competition Judge Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
The Break Off Competition Judge Baltimore, Maryland
B-boy Royalty Guest Competitor San Jose, California
B-boy Championship Guest Competitor London, Britain
Ya Don’t Stop Bboy Burnout Guest Competitor Cardiff, Wales

Music Videos:
Galactic – Think Back Ft. Chali 2na Lead Dancer/Actor Warner Music
Innovaders – Bedford Ave. Mullet Girl Theme Lead Dancer Metal Postcard
Termanology – Nobody’s Smilin Dancer ST. Records

Red Bull BC ONE Times Square Promo Lead Dancer Red Bull
Wells Fargo Flash Mob Lead Dancer Wells Fargo
Karma Loop x Entrée LS Promo Lead Dancer
The Hit Mit Promotional video Lead Dancer

Street Starr 1st Place Winner Sweden
Skate Jam Delft 1st Place Winner Netherlands
Born 2 Serve 1st Place Winner Montreal,Canada
Fresh Format 5th Anniversary 1st Place Winner Montreal,Canada
Freestyle Session NYC 1st Place Winner New York City
Bboy Massacre 1st Place Winner 3x New York City
Rock Steady Crew 33rd Anniversary 1st Place Winner New York City
Evolution 6 1st Place Winner New York City
House Dance Conference 1st Place Winner New York City
To The Pointz 1st Place Winner New York City
Mighty 4 1st Place Winner San Francisco
Rhythmic Damage 1st Place Winner 2x Philadelphia
RedBull BC ONE East Coast 1st Place Winner Boston
Art Forms 1st Place Winner Miami
Rep The Midwest 1st Place Winner Peoria, Illinois
R16 North America 2nd Place Winner San Francisco
Reign Supreme 2nd Place Winner Seattle
Bashville Stampede 2nd Place Winner Nashville, TN

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Instagram: @Frankie_sb_

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