Chase ‘Em Down

Real Name: Chase Evered
Nickname: Chase ‘Em Down
Age: 29
City: Aurora
State or Province: Colorado
Country: USA

About Yourself:
I do not just live for breaking, it’s also my livelihood. I am the co-owner (my wife and crew mate are my partners) of School of Breaking. I enjoy refining my skills through teaching others. The School of Breaking is in Aurora and opened in October 2012. I started dancing late but I have always been connected with Hip Hop through Basketball which I played my entire childhood through college. When I was 19 (20020 when I playing college basketball at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. I started dancing at house parties. The Football and Soccer players would try and call me out, so I had to lay them down. I always had music in my life and it is a great passion for me to connect with music through dance. After Iowa I moved back to Colorado and started training under Ray Maestas (BBoy Ray Ray/GWT) and Gary Kendall (Mind Tricks and Founder of Jabbawockeez).

Dance2Live is my crew and the people of Dance2Live also developed their own crews called Amida and Hype 303. Breakademics is our current community team of dancers ranging between 8-29 years old.

So You Think You Can Dance 2010 (Top 100)
“Rip Sin City” documentary movie highlighting Hip Hop Culture in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In my 4 years with the Denver Nuggets (2004-2008) I have performed Halftime Shows at games and the NBA All-Star Game with artists such as The Temptations, Vanilla Ice, Montell Jordan, Ciara, Leann Rimes, Destiny’s Child and many more.

Music Videos:
Only local Colorado artists

Starz On Demand Halloween Commercial

Most recent awards: (To name a few)

2009 Gathering of the Masses (CO) 1 v 1 All-styles – 1st Place
2009 Sounds of the Underground (CO) 2 v 2 – 1st Place
2010 Battle on the Plains (ND) 1 v 1 – 2nd Place
2010 and 2011 United Movement Battle (NE) 1v1 – 1st Place (2x winner)
2011 Colorado DMC 2v2 BBoy Battle (CO) – 1st Place
2012 Rockers Rumble 2012 Crew Battle (CO) – 2nd Place
2012 Worm Tank Jam All -Styles (CO) 3 v 3 – 1st Place
2012 BBoy Factory Nightmare on Beat Street (CO) 2 v 2 – 1st Place

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