El Nino

B-Boy El Nino aka Alex “Pookie” Diaz from Boston, MA; is no stranger to B-Boying, having spent 17 years as a professional b-boy, which taught him to appreciate and love hip-hop and all it has to offer. He started break dancing at the young age of 3, watching his uncles and older family members, from which include his biggest influence, uncle, Lino “Leanski” Delgado and “B-Boy Float” just to name a few. Pulled onto the dance floor in a bag by KMel at Red Bull – Lords of the Floor 2002, it was clear the moment he exploded from the bag that he attacked consistently and aggressively, leaving a rampage of destruction, at only age 11.

El Nino became a member of “The Floor Lords” established in Boston in 1982, at the age of 6. Since the age of 6 he has been blowing people’s minds with his mesmerizing moves and head spins. He has won various international competitions, has been a part of many successful theater shows, and has made appearances in many TV shows as well as movies. All of this success has led El Nino to be recognized as Bboy of the Year in 2011 and with the 2009 Spy Award by The Rock Steady Crew at age 19. The Spy Award is given to any b-boy or b-girl, who has a complete understanding of foundation, has arsenal of moves, rocks to the beat, innovates moves, and has a dance influential style. El Nino is the youngest bboy to have ever received the award to date.

El Nino is also a group member of Flava Squad USA, Boogie Bratz, The Squadron, and Biggest & Baddest. His favorite b-boys thus far are, B-Boy Storm, B-Boy Float, The whole Incredible Breakers Crew, and First and Second generation of Floor Lords. He is known around the world as an upcoming legend to the B-Boy industry, winning and judging b-boy competitions all over the world.