Flying Steps

The Flying Steps were founded in 1993 by Vartan and Amigo in Berlin. They have focused and specialized on the urban dance styles b-boying (breakdance), popping and locking and won several world championships such as the Battle Of The Year and the Red Bull Beat Battle. For several years now they also include other popular urban dance styles like hip hop and house in their perfomances. Moreover they work project-based with artists from different areas such as modern and contemporary dance, tricking and freerunning, etc. The Flying Steps are considered and respected as one of the most successful urban dance crews worldwide.

The cast has changed over the years, new members were added and the Flying Steps worked with various dancers from all over the world. An international network of world-class urban dance athletes was formed – the Flying Steps Company.

Throughout their career the Flying Steps accumulated much experience in the culture, product and entertainment industry. Here the focus is on high-profile show concepts which they performed already on countless international events.

In 2007 they opened their own dance school in Berlin – the Flying Steps Academy – where they train the next generation of urban dance and offer young prospects a perspective with social projects.

In the spring of 2010 the launch of the sensational success of Red Bull Flying Bach started. The first in-house and full-length production from Flying Steps Entertainment was awarded in the same year with the ECHO Klassik. To sold-out halls the Flying Steps showed in ¬†innovative ways how to combine as well breakdance and classical music together. After the tour in Germany and Europe 2011 follows this year the much anticipated world tour of Red Bull Flying Bach. They’re ready to conquer the World!

In the future one thing is certain: The productions from Flying Steps Entertainment will make a splash worldwide. Art and entertainment at the highest level are guaranteed.