Ground Zero

Ground Zero Crew was Established in 1996, and quickly rose to fame with in the BBoy community for their aggressive battle tactics, superb group interaction, fantastic character dynamic, and strong individuality. Miami’s most notorious BBoy crew, GZC battled their way to victory, achieving World Championship status, while transforming the BBoy landscape, with a pervasive influence nationally, as well in U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, and many other countries. Stylistic swagger, wild intensity, consistent competitiveness, and supreme originality, are some of the qualities that contributed to GZC’s success and longevity. They have performed with the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Brian Mc Knight, Jameroquai, Sean Kingston, KRS One, Exzakt, and many others. They are regarded by many as one of the world’s best crews of all time.

The Brotherhood

In 1996, brothers BeBe, Zoob, and Boo Rok, established the Ground Zero Crew in Puerto Rico. A family at its core, GZC set their stakes high with dedication, team work, and youthful ambition. Competitive zealots, the group battled religiously, honing their craft with ferocity to a systematic offensive, that challenged all existing crews with in the island, and shortly after the mainland. GZC returned to Miami, FL in 1998, and there applied the same learned experience of battling to the flourishing Bboy community, both through underground cyphers and organized competitions. The young tribe consistently engaged in domestic events, gradually ascending towards national contender-ship. Amassing numerous wins, proving their worth, and greatly influencing the dance, Ground Zero finally reigned National Champions in 2002. They continued competing on an International level, collecting more titles, and traveled to such countries as Japan, China, Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Spain, and more. Nearly a decade and a half later, Ground Zero Crew remains a distinctive voice in the dance community, forever ingrained in the culture, and continues to inspire artists worldwide.