B-Boy Morris representing Fallen Kings from Sacramento California

I’m 29-year-old from USA. My Crews are: Fallen Kings

Interests: Tennis, video games, going to the gym and clubbing
Credo: Let’s gamble!


  • 2004 1st Place
    Octagon, USA
  • 2004 1st Place
    True 2 da Game, USA
  • 2006 1st Place
    Just for Laughs, Canada
  • *2008 1st Place *
    Chief Rocka Award, UK B-Boy Champs, London
  • 2008 1st Place
    Frienemies Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniv., New York City
  • 2009 1st Place
    Frienemies Rock Steady Crew 32nd Anniv., New York City

For a dude who’s spent the last 13 years throwing down airtight moves in premier competitions all over the world, Morris sure is underrated. In 2011 alone, the Sacramento native has repped city, country and crew in China, Belgium, France and the U.S. Morris reached the finals on every occasion and left Asia having won it all. When he wasn’t battling during the first half of 2011, the Fallen King crewmember judged events in Luxembourg, Israel, France and elsewhere.

Despite all these accomplishments, Morris often doesn’t get his props. As soon as he narrowly lost the finals tiebreaker at the International Rochefort Battle 2011, online forums lit up. Easily distracted by acrobatics, haters hated, while kids with knowledge pointed out Morris’ flawless musicality and pinpoint movement. Morris intends to establish himself as an undeniable b-boy force by taking the ultimate crown later this year in Russia—a feat he nearly accomplished at Red Bull BC One New York 2009, before running into eventual champion Lilou in the semi-finals. But in order to punch his ticket for Russia, Morris—whose personal motto is “Let’s gamble!”—will first have to silence the critics in Chicago. Considering the momentum he’s been gaining overseas, only a n00b would bet against him.