NEGUIN aka Fabiano Carvalho Lopes 24 years old from Cascavel-PR-Brazil, started dancing at the age of 1, Being on the streets, watching Martial Arts movies,transforming all his knowledge from Capoeira mixing his Bboy Style, all influenced his dance styles to vary from old forms of dance to acrobatic tricks.
First witnessed Hip Hop culture in 1999. He initially began dancing freestyle and social dances but it was not until more recently in 2003 that he took up B-Boying. Since then his career as an internationally known dancer was launched! His approach to B-Boying is at once celebratory, psychological and aggressive. A very confident dancer his B-Boy style as involving death-defying jumps, blitz speed movement, unpredictability, clean execution of his arsenal and variations in each ground and power move, infused with flavor and high energy while keeping a constant rhythm. While Neguin takes physical risks, he pulls off his moves safely and effectively. He respects his fellow dancers and shares positive energy through his presence and craft. Neguin aims to have his audience experience joy, curiosity and surprise when watching him in battle. He not only represents himself, he also dances for his crew and country. This is most important to him.Skills and strategies have earned Neguin dancing as professional B.boy around the world in places incluinding a vast and impressive resume of wins at international competitions, participations in successful recently theatre tour “Blaze StreetDance Sensation 2010″ in europe collection of 1st place titles from notable competitions spanning from Argentina to Paraguay to Brazil. Among the highlights of his B-Boy career-2010 Ultimate Bboy Championship (usa)
-2009 Red Bull Bc One(usa)
-2009 World B-Boy Classic (Holland)
-2009 Humanitarian Massy Battle (France)
-2008 Battle Of The Year (germany)
-2008 Coosh Crash test (usa)
-2007/2008/2010 R-16 korea Sparkling (Korea)He appears on many of the B-Boy battle DVDs produced from these competitions as well as short movies and commercials produced in Brazil. Among the many foundational elements of Hip Hop culture, NEGUIN delves into several including Aerosol Art, DJing and other styles of Street Dance. Feeling blessed with support from his family as they offer positivity and encouragement, NEGUIN reveals, “They taught me about the good things in life: education, culture and always enjoying what I do.”