Roxrite, born Omar Delgado, emigrated to the United States from Mexico at the age of six. Seven years later, at the tender age of 12, Omar started dancing after being influenced by local bboys. His first crew, Sub 4, soon became a heavy focus on Omar’s life. His dedication to the dance and his style of bboying gave way to his new name, “Roxrite,” a term referring to how he always “rocked right.”

Citing notable names in the bboying culture such as Ken Swift, Remind, Thunder and Ground Level, Roxrite has taken their influence to shape his own. Now, at age 29, Roxrite is an avid competitor on national and international levels. In ten years of competing, Roxrite has won first place in 77 different competitions. As a fierce and determined dancer, he had won nine consecutive solo tournaments from Dec. 2002- Aug. 2005

Roxrite’s technical ability as a dancer is demonstrated in his stick freeze combinations. His style is extremely strategic. Judges for past tournaments have described him as very well-rounded and complex with his moves. His quick thinking is displayed on battle floors and he highly regards repetition as a symptom of failure.

His affiliations include the crews Renegades, Squadron, and The Break Disciples. His crews have all become heavy support systems as he competes as a solo dancer. While not defined by his West Coast status, Roxrite does take great pride from the dance education he obtains while living in California. His motto, “Skills talk, no hype needed” defines his desire to continually represent the bboy movement the right way. He has no time to pause now.

WOD BBoy of The Year 2011 BBoy of The Year 2010 best bboy 2005

1st Place Red Bull BC One 2011
1st Place Freestylesession 2002,2009
1st Place R16 Solo Champion 2009
1st Place Euro Battle 2007,2008
1st Place Claws Out 2008,2009
1st Place Outbreak 2006,2010
1st Place Ashes2Ashes 2005,2006
1st Place Uk Championships 2005
1st Place Warsaw Challenge 2010
1st Place B1 Championships 2006,2007
1st Place The Octogon 2003
1st Place Euro Pro-Am 2003,2004
1st Place Out For Fame Regional 2007
1st Place Mighty 4 2x 2000
1st Place Chelles Battle Pro 2007
1st Place 2 Man Platoon 2006,2007
1st Pace Pandoras Box 2004
1st Place A New Hope 2004
1st Place Hip Hop International World Battle 2006


From Russia.. from RoxRite on Vimeo.

Renegades -Get Down- from RoxRite on Vimeo.