Salah Benlemqawanssa (born June 26, 1979), also known as Spider Salah, is an award-winning competitive hip-hop dancer from France who won La France a un incroyable talent (France has Incredible Talent) in its first season. He started dancing in 1996 after he saw the dance crew O Posse practicing their moves in front of the mirrors of the Théâtre national de Chaillot.[5] He calls his personal dance style P.A.B.E. which stands for Popping, Animation, Boogaloo, and Effects.

In 2006, the same year he won Incroyable Talent, Salah also won a 2-on-2 popping battle with teammate Iron Mike at Juste Debout, an international street dance competition. In 2008, he starred as himself in Beats Per Minute, an independent film about a French popper who discovers he can rewind time with his dance moves. Although he is best known for popping, he is also skilled in b-boying. As a b-boy, he won second place with The Family Crew at Battle of the Year (BOTY) 1998. In 2009, Salah served as a judge at BOTY’s international one-on-one b-boy battle in Germany. BOTY is a b-boy competition exclusively for b-boy crews; however, to celebrate their 20th anniversary they had a competition for b-boy solo dancers. He was also a judge at Red Bull BC One 2009 in New York City.

In 2011, Salah led a digital project called Breathe the Beat. Through Breathe the Beat he released a series of five video tutorials explaining how he takes inspiration from the world around him to create his P.A.B.E. dance style. He also judged an online competition based on the principles of his tutorials to see which dancer could create the best one-minute performance. The winner, chosen by Salah, that created the best routine was James “AnimatedJ” Jimenez from the USA. The project also featured a series of roadshows around the UK taught by Brooke and Roxy from Funkstylerz and Plague dance crews. After Breath the Beat, Salah became a featured dancer in Cirque du Soleil’s production Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.

Salah specializes in hip-hop, but he has also studied other forms of dance including African, salsa, tap, contemporary, and belly dancing. Salah is a member of both Vagabonds[1] and Massive Monkees b-boy crews. He is also a member of the contemporary dance company Montalvo-Hervieu.