‘Storm’ started dancing as a little child, but seriously cought on to the dances Bboying, Popping and Locking at the age of 14. His first tours he did for “Bravo Breakdancesensation 84″. Soon after that, the big fashion ‘Breakdance’ died out. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop studying styles, got connected with other Bboys and stayed creative and productive throughout the times when Breakin´was considered obsolete.

By 1991 his group “the Battle Squad” was one of the leading bboygroups worldwide and thanx to them and others, the art of Bboying is so alive and strong these days.

In 1991 and 1992 him and his crew Battle Squad won the “international Balle of the year”.
Because of the struggle in times when Bboying was out of fashion and the fact that he´s been dancing for so long, he decided to establish HipHopculture in the theatreworld.

From 1992 on he danced with a New Yorker dance Company called ‘Ghettoriginal’. he performed shows in Washingtons ‘Kennedy Center’ and in NYCities ‘Lincolncenter’.

During the same period he was hosting the HipHop Magazine ‘Freestyle’ on the german TV channel Viva.

Briefly after quitting the job in early 1996, he decided to form a dancecompany in his hometown Berlin, which was called the ‘Storm and Jazzy Project’. With two choreographies they toured many different theatres around the world The first performance was seen in February 1997 in the “maison de la danse” in Lyon.

In times he wasn´t dancing, he wrote on the book ‘From Swipe to Storm’ which came out in january 2000 and is telling the story of “Breaking” in Germany. It was only published in german language.

In 2000, Storm decided to create a Solo, named “Solo for two” It’s been shown all over the world in more than 50 different countries and 160 cities. Currently he is mainly touring with the Solos:

“Solo 4 two”
“Storm in classical context” which is an improvisation of about 20 minutes.
and the creation “28yrs in 28mins” which was premiered in January 2011.
The most asked for “Group choreography” is the “Animatronik Glitch”.

Nowadays Storm also choreographs and directs for different theatres and institutions all over the world. He also choreographed for the openingceremonies of the “Expo 2000″ in hannover and the “FIFA soccerworldcup 2006 in Germany”

In 2004 he conceptionalized “The art of urban dance” an informative didactic piece with 10 other dancers from europe. This show has also been touring around the world with great support of the “Goethe Institute” in the middle east and Asia.

In 2004 he starred in the german HipHop movie “Status yo” and played a gasstationworker.

In 2010 he starred in the dance movie “Berlin dance Battle 3d” and played himself.

July 31st 1969

Main dancestyles:
Bboying, Locking, Popping

11-92 Ghettoriginal Productions: different dancepieces in cooperation/ NYC
06-97 Total Confusion/ CND Chateauvallon
02-97 Storm and Jazzy Project: Dynamite
02-98 Storm and Jazzy Project/ Funky town
04-98 Le Festin, Volcan/ Le Havre
01-99 Men @ work in cooperation with Kane wung/ Paris
04-99 Le Festin pendent la peste, Volcan/ Le Havre
04-00 Socraff aidjem, in cooperation / Abidjan
05-00 Exposeyoself,Opening show Expo 2000/ Hannover
12-01 Solo 4 two: Soloshow
09-01 Ta Limpo, for Discipulos do ritmo/ Sao Paolo
04-01 Drap dans le gbaka/ Abidjan
08-02 slippin and slidin: theatre piece in cooperation
11-03 The art of urban dance: theatre piece in cooperation / Netherlands
01-06 Virtuelevation: Soloshow
03-06 Geometronomics: Theatreshow with “Discipulos do ritmo” from Sao Paolo
06-06 Opening ceremony of “FIFA worldcup 2006″ HipHopact”
01-07 “Traffic” cooperation with Sebastien Ramirez for “Big Toe” Hanoi
04-07 “Es war einmal” with Raph. Hillebrandt at HAU1 in Berlin and CND Pantin
06-07 “110” with Animatronik in Samowar / Bagnolet
07-09 “Storm in classical context” Improvisation to classical music
01-11 “28 yrs in 28mins” solo with video art

04-87 Guinnessbook of records/ most windmills
04-91 ‘Battle of the year’ as ‘Battle Squad’ 1st place
02-92 IDO Worldchampion / Breakdance (to get the IDO title is a joke!)
05-92 ‘Battle of the year’ as ‘Swift and Storm’ 1st place
11-98 Winner at “Freestylesession 3″ San Diego as “flying tortillas”

TV Host and producer
12-93 until
12-95 Freestyle/ HipHop magazine, Host and editor for 80 shows on VIVA
10-05 “Hot moves” magazine for urban danceforms (performed live at HAU 1 Berlin) not on TV yet!

01-0 Von Swipe zu Storm, about bboying in germany/ Backspin Verlag

He is working on a book that is supposed to be finished by 2013.The book will contain his views on the dance and its structures including philosophy. The worktitle for now is called: “the manual”.

04-04 “Status yo” petrolstationworker / Disco Film

Storm is teaching all over the world on different dance festivals throughout each year. Since 2001 he is teaching annually at the “Impulstanz” festival in Vienna.

Also he has developed his own methods of teaching which are based on the original concepts of the styles Locking, Popping and Bboying. He is working on a book that is supposed to be finished by 2013.The book will contain his views on the dance and its structures including philosophy. The worktitle for now is called: “the manual”.