super cr3w

Originating in 2000, SUPER CR3W is an internationally known American B-Boy Crew from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Riverside, California. Consisting of six members: Ronnieboy, Do-Knock, Rockadile, Bboy Ben, Rock, and Mike Murda, SUPER CR3W is a unique collaboration of three other well-established crews: Full Force, Battle Monkeys and Knucklehead Zoo.

In 2008, SUPER CR3W competed in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and proceeded to win the Season Two Championships. In addition to their remarkable ABDC reign, Ronnieboy is the 2007 Red Bull BC One Champion and a current Braun cruZer Hero; Mike Murda and Ben are two-time Battle of the Year National Break Champions (2005 and 2006); Rockadile deems credit for winning over thirty-five documented B-Boy competition titles, and Do-Knock is a three-time Star Search Champion. Members have been featured in numerous music videos, commercials as well as films, including Planet BBoy, You Got Served, Meet the Spartans, Stomp the Yard and Turn It Loose.
In September 2010, Mrs. Michelle Obama cordially invited SUPER CR3W to perform in the White House for the White House Dance Series, an inspiring and memorable opportunity for all participants.

SUPER CR3W never ceases to encourage their fans to be persistent in working towards their goals. The sky is the limit and no dream is impossible if you dedicate yourself to your aspirations. “Stay Clean. Stay Consistent. Stay Creative.”