One of the B-Boys to look out for this year is TAISUKE from Japan, who at 18 has already made his mark on the B-Boy scene with his spins and crickets. He is last year’s winner of the Red Bull BC One qualifier in Japan and made it to the quarter finals in South Africa, where he lost to last year’s champion Ronnie. He’s also one of the favorites for 2008 and with the Zulu Kings has participated in many international events this year including the Freestyle Session and the IBE. Taisuke’s dance style is based on an impressive array of foundation moves, a variety of good toprocks and unique footwork combined with power moves.

TAISUKE is the cousin of B-Boy Toshiki, another great Japanese B-Boy who also competed in the Japanese qualifier. Toshiki made it to the quarter finals, where he lost to B-Boy Dragon, who then was beaten by TAISUKE in the final.

TAISUKE and Toshiki have a lot in common. Not only were they born on the same day, but they also grew up together in the same town and most importantly, both got into breaking through their sisters who were B-Girls and members of the same crew. TAISUKE and Toshiki started breaking when they were only eight years old and their sisters were big inspirations to them.

TAISUKE is a quiet, shy and humble boy. At the moment, he mainly focuses on dancing. He is grateful for having the chance to study at the International Dance College (I.D.C), in Takadanobaba, where he has a scholarship. He takes general education classes two days a week and dance classes from Monday to Saturday.

TAISUKE is from Nagasaki, but in order to study at I.D.C, he moved to Kamishakuji-i, Nerima-ku, about an hour’s drive away from Shinjuku in central Tokyo. He shares an apartment with a schoolmate, with two tiny rooms and a small kitchen. They had the option to stay in the dormitory system of the school, but found it cheaper to rent their own rooms.

Moving to Tokyo is the thing that had the biggest impact on TAISUKE’s life so far. He says it was a life-altering experience that changed the way he danced, his moves, and his attitude. Everything happened quickly when he moved there. Tokyo is the centre of a lot of activity, so by placing himself in that environment he was really able to accelerate his skills and become a much better B-Boy. He has been trying to persuade his cousin Toshiki to come to Tokyo and it looks like he succeded. The two are planning on getting a place together now.

The Zulu Kingz, the official B-Boys of the Zulu Nation, are TAISUKE’s big inspiration. The leader of his crew “All Area,” B-Boy Katsu, is a member of the Japanese chapter of the Zulu Kingz and TAISUKE, in spite of his young age, is already considered a top-tier B-Boy, someone to count on as a key member of the crew. This is a tremendous honor for TAISUKE.

TAISUKE may be very young, but he has already made a name for himself in the scene. Despite his young age, he not only studies, but also teaches public classes at the same school, every day from 8.45 PM to 10:45 PM! Due to his early start, he is already an experienced B-Boy at the age of 18 with the ability to break it down.

As a side project TAISUKE joined with Yohei from Panicrew to form a new group called The Reboot, which fuses dance and rock. It consists of 6 people, four dancers, vocal, and keyboard. They are in preparation for a nationwide debut early next year, signed through Avex Trax, one of the largest record companies in Japan.

TAISUKE is interested in geography. He loves checking out the world map because there are so many places that he doesn’t know yet. One of his dreams is to visit the World Heritage sites all over the world. He wants to travel, dance and learn and become an international player in the worldwide B-Boy scene. Apart from breaking, TAISUKE wants to try out dancing house and pop. He loves music, especially break-beats and the music of Ne-Yo, the young singer from Arkansas.

In his hometown of Nagasaki, a city surrounded by the ocean, his father taught him to fish and to make sashimi from the fresh seafood. This is a rare activity in a modern Japanese family, but one TAISUKE enjoyed a lot. Now, living in Tokyo, he refuses to eat any fish at all because he can’t get any as fresh as he was used to.

TAISUKE loves Red Bull and says that the Red Bull logo to him is the symbol of B-Boying. He says he owes a lot to the RED BULL BC ONE. “Ever since I participated in the Red Bull BC One, I got so many invitations to events overseas! I’m really proud and grateful for this opportunity!”

TAISUKE is excited about representing Japan in the RED BULL BC ONE again. “Up to now, no Japanese B-Boy has made it to the final four, so I at least want to accomplish that since it will be a first and will motivate the Japanese scene even more. I’m going to push my limits, give 120%, and my results will simply be a side product of that. If I don’t win – no regrets. I’m going to enjoy myself and live in the moment. But of course, I’m heading to France with the intention to win! My moves will emotionalize the audience and knock out my opponent. My energy is waiting to be tested in November so I look forward to going back.”

2007 1st place Super Friday Finals, Japan (Zulu Kingz)
2007 1st place Step Your Game Up, Australia (Zulu Kingz)
2007 1st place Red Bull BC One Qualifier, Tokyo, Japan
2007 1st place UK B-Boy Championships Tokyo Elimination (All Area)
2007 1st place “The One” II, Kawasaki, Japan
2008 1st place Dance @live!, Tokyo, Japan
2008 1st place Battle of Saint Breiuc, France (All Area)
2008 1st place Sanmeshi Young Master, Japan
2008 rep. Japan in Asian Team IBE Asian Round, Holland
2008 1st place Sanmeshi 3 on 3, Japan (Zulu Kingz)
2008 1st place B-Boy Unit Japan (All Area)
2008 1st place Command Cup, 1 on 1 Octagon Battle, Taiwan
2008 1st place UK B-Boy Championships Sendai Elimination (All Area)
2008 1st place Red Bull Street Battles, Hong Kong
2009 1st place R16 Korea Sparkling
2009 best show International Battle of the Year, Germany
2010 1st place Dance Alive, Tokyo, Japan