NEON Battle & Dance Showcase

  • Date:19 - Jul - 2014
  • Location:850 Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Venue:NEON Battle & Dance Showcase
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Event Details:
A 2 vs 2 Open Style Battle (Breakin, Hip Hop Free Style, Krumpin, Waacking, Voguing, Locking, Poppin, Turfin, Jookin, Buckin, Chicago Footwork, Jazz, Experimental, Bone Breakin,)

What’s at STAKE $1000 (usd) / Paris (paid) Trip as US. Qualifier for Battle Fusion Concept.
Coinciding with a Choreography Showcase from the Las Vegas Dance Community.

Slim Boogie (USA), Kanon (FR), P- DOG (GR), Flexum (USA), Pepito (FR), Story Board P (USA)

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